Wicked Sprints: Preparation

We need learning and doing spaces where there's a much faster loop between prototyping, action and feedback, spaces that are based on new models of collaboration and communication all of which have to be made vivid to the stakeholders in the food systems with whom we are engaging. In doing so, we lean upon three toolkits - technology and design; mental models and systems thinking; reflective imagination and contemplation.

We believe the capacity to elicit ecosystem wisdom is a crucial differentiator of our approach. We envisage our engagement with partners as a series of “wicked sprints” (WS) which will convene carefully chosen stakeholders. The above diagram presents a conceptual view of how each WS unfolds in two phases. More information on the preparatory work leading to the WS is in the video below.

Wicked Sprints: Showtime

The Wicked Sprint is an intense four day collaborative process specially designed to elicit collective wisdom. The method recognizes the importance of approaching and solving complex problems by tapping into the collective wisdom and knowledge germane to the issue at hand that is resident in a diverse set of stakeholders and experts. It is designed to break out of traditional siloed, piecemeal and/or knee jerk approaches to solving of a wicked problem which are bound to fail or fall short.

More information on how we conduct wicked sprints is given in the video below: