The Sensome

The Sensome is a shared sensory experience that can take many forms. The imagination is perhaps the best VR available to us and that evoking sensory and emotional states helps cut through conceptual clutter.

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Thoughts and ideas are the dominant currency of collective action and decision making. Whether it’s policy or a curriculum, our collective knowledge is stored and communicated as thoughts. Quickly transacted and feverishly traded in the busy marketplaces of human endeavour, thoughts and ideas hold sway over our processes in a way that sensations and feelings simply do not.

The Sensome is a shared experience that invokes sensory and emotional states in participants by activating their imaginations directly through their senses, unmediated by symbols or semiosis. By evoking the sensory imagination, the Sensome draws out what was hitherto private experience to create a shared sensorial field that envelops the participants.