India's Future in the era of climate change


The Big Idea

India’s quest for dignity and prosperity will largely coincide with humanity’s response to climate change. Greenup is an ambitious attempt to address both simultaneously.

Many young Indians have a strong desire to create a just, egalitarian and prosperous society. These social demand a vast expansion of material welfare and the energy sources needed to make that happen. A carbon-based expansion will lead to further deterioration of India’s natural environments,

Greenup offers a chance to sidestep the carbon economy altogether while putting forth an expansive imagination of India’s future; in doing so, we will embrace a vision that matches young people's optimism for a nation that helps them in their quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Five Systems

We see our Greenup work as a wheel with five spokes. Click on each spoke to learn more about how we are approaching that issue:

Forests and Livelihoods
Urban Systems
Jobs and Skilling
Children and Education