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Socratus is a networked organization with a core team that has wide experience in complex systems, organization building, cognitive science, design and code. Click on the icons to learn more about our work and our team.


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How will India and the World Thrive in the Era of Climate Change?

Poverty, Sickness and Violence pose material and moral challenges. Climate Change will make them worse.

New Tools Needed

Socratus brings data, design, viscerality and public problem solving methods to the solution of wicked problems.

Collective Wisdom

We believe collective wisdom is an essential ingredient for addressing systems challenges. Socratus is the Midwife of Collective Wisdom.

Designing for Wisdom

  1. Wicked problems consist of (often loosely coupled) agents embedded in the world of that wicked problem
  2. Socratus midwifes the collective wisdom of these agents by designing artifacts that help evoke, align and aggregate that wisdom.

Only Wicked Minds Solve Wicked Problems

Socratus brings together an eclectic group of professionals with deep experience in cognitive science, organization building, complex systems, management, philosophy, design and software. We have a common commitment to human and planetary flourishing

Socratus Cultivates Wicked Minds

We are a networked organization with staff and fellows contributing their wisdom to the collective. We are always open to new ideas and tools that can help make the world a better place.


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